Autism is definitely on a meteoric rise. Autism, actually resides, on the extreme right end of the learning spectrum. Most of us have the gene for autism, buried somewhere in our genes, and with most people, it will never emerge. However, I remember a time, some thirty years ago, when autism was called Kanners Syndrome, and was considered to occur in about 1 in 5,000,000 people. It is certainly true that there were many Autistic people that were labeled as something else, but it is also unquestionably true, that in the last 5 or 10 years, autism rates have increased exponentially.

I am not the only expert who believes that our culture is increasing the rising rates of Autism. Autism seems to be linked with a technological revolution, the quickening pace of our lives, and the fact that the world for the plugged in masses, has become a visual and auditory cacophony. Some people can handle this sensory bombardment with ease, but many others cannot process this sensory overload; and go off into a world where they involuntarily shut down the noise, in order to survive. This process of defending ones self against the worlds increasing noise, makes up much of what we call Autism. In essence, Autism can be used as a defense mechanism, and not a disease or condition.

If a persons genealogical makeup contains many genes for Autism, it will manifest in this rapid fire, world we have created and Autism will surface. Skyrocketing Autism rates, may be the price we pay for the joys of technology, and never having to be bored. everything has side effects, including most drugs, many foods, and beverages. The side effects of technology are increasing rates of autism, ADD, and other right hemispheric learning issues.