Ever since I have been working with school kids, which is over 25 years , I have noticed that many of my students crash and burn in school, during the time period from October 15th through about November 15th. This in an entirely predictable phenomenon, due to the fact that we are asking right brained children, to try and successfully complete liner sequential tasks; which they can do on a daily or even weekly basis, however, what happens is that, having to do linear work for more than a couple weeks in a row, they break down and crack at their weakest link; which is organizational issues, and general interest in school.

So often I have noticed how high school students, could be getting really good grades for the first two months or so from the school year and then notice a malaise setting in, where they find it difficult to complete assignments, can’t find the energy to do homework, and generally lie to their parents about their grades, eventually get caught, which can destroy the relationship between the parents and their kids. All of this can be avoided if one realizes that school is a bastion of linearity, and word based thinking; which is the exact polar opposite fashion that the children I work with think. Most of these children really want to do well in school, but they beak down after doing what seems to them boring, irrelevant assignments, which are often repetitiously based and pointless to the right brained student.

There are two distinctly predictable time periods where these breakdowns take place, one is in the Oct-Nov time period and the other is from Feb to perhaps early March. Any adult can relate to this phenomenon by remembering when they worked at a boring repetitious job, which they didn’t like. The boredom and constant monotony, led them to make small errors at work, and they noticed that their relationships often suffered along with their zest for life. The very same thing is happening to right brained children who are forced to do boring pointless tasks, which don’t really help them learn anything. What they crave is novelty, humor, and the ability to get up and move, all things that are in short order in most schools. Until schools change, this pattern will never be mitigated and we will be faced with students who are doomed to start well, crash inevitably, lie to their parents, get depressed, and generally think less of themselves and their character, than they should.

-Jeffrey Freed