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Jeffrey Freed has often been labeled a “miracle worker.” He is an educational therapist and consultant who has worked with almost 1500 attention deficit disorder (ADD) and gifted children to help them turn their lives around and reach their full potential. Children, parents, teachers, pediatricians, psychologists and education specialists nationwide embrace his effective learning techniques, casual manner, positive approach and visual thinking.

Freed’s students have heightened perception abilities that cause them to be highly impulsive, easily distracted and extremely energetic. As a result, they sometimes frustrate their parents and are often labeled ”difficult” in school and treated with drugs. Although these children are typically very bright, they can have problems mastering basic skills such as reading and arithmetic.

Freed’s dedication to these children is unsurprising. Jeff struggled through elementary, middle, and high school – but, because he was a national class distance runner, he received a scholarship to attend Temple University in Philadelphia. Freed often draws on his own experiences to bring out the best in his students. He works one-on-one with his students and quickly develops a trusting relationship with them. Freed instills confidence in their abilities and improves their enthusiasm for learning. In fact, his popularity is evidenced by his waiting list for new clients.

Jeffrey Freed attributes his success with his students to a technique he developed and describes in his book, RIGHT-BRAINED CHILDREN IN A LEFT-BRAINED WORLD. After working with ADD and gifted children for more than a decade, he made a simple, yet revolutionary discovery: Most gifted and virtually all children with ADD share the same learning style. Freed suggests these right-brained children are “highly visual, non sequential processors who learn by remembering the way things look and by taking words and turning them into mental pictures.” They tend to do poorly in school, because educators are typically left-brained, detail-oriented, auditory processors who view visual learners as “disordered.”

In his book, Freed offers parents a simple and clear strategy for helping their ADD and gifted children excel both in and out of the classroom. By spending only 10 minutes a day, parents can help their children realize immediate results in spelling and noticeable results in reading and math in two or three months. They also will develop the self-esteem necessary to succeed in other areas.

Education: Bachelor of Science in education from Temple University in Philadelphia. Pennsylvania in 1971. He also earned a Master of Arts in Teaching from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff in 1977, where he graduated first in his class.

Teaching Experience: Since 1987, Freed has worked as an educational therapist and consultant. He exclusively tutors ADD and gifted children and currently sees approximately 50 students per week. In addition, Freed delivers in-service programs to educators on effectively teaching right-brained and ADD learners.

From 1985-1987, Freed was an instructor at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado, and Arapahoe Community College in Littleon, Colorado. He worked with visual learners to help them pass the graduate equivalency diploma (GED) exam.

From 1971-1975, Freed taught sixth through ninth grades in two public schools in Philadelphia- John Whanamaker Junior High and John Paul Jones Junior High. He taught social studies, English, and physical education.

Jeffrey Freed has published one book and several articles in trade publications, including:

  • RIGHT –BRAINED CHILDREN IN A LEFT-BRAINED WORLD, Simon and Schuster, October 1997
  • A Challenge for Educators and Society,” Understanding Our Gifted, December 1995
  •  Atypical Learners, a New Perspective,” Counseling and Guidance, Fall 1993
  • Tutoring Techniques for the Gifted,” Understanding Our Gifted, August 1990
  • Uniquely Gifted , by Keisa Kay, 2000 Jeffrey Freed, contributing author
  • How to be an Academic Superstar,” Informed Health Solutions Fall 2003 Jeffrey Freed contributing author

  • Denver/Cherry Creek/Clear Creek/Jefferson County/Colorado School Districts
  • Colorado Association for the Gifted and Talented(CAGT), Denver
  • Parents of Gifted Offspring (POGO), Denver
  • MENSA of Denver
  • Children and Adults with ADD (CHADD), Denver and Evergreen Colorado
  • ADD Advocacy Group (ADDAG), Denver, Boulder, Lakewood Colorado
  • St. Andrews School, Barrington, Rhode Island
  • Westside Community College, Omaha Nebraska
  • Lethbridge Community College, Alberta Canada
  • Ari Crown Hebrew School, Skokie Illinois
  • Mandaree Public Schools, Mandaree North Dakota
  • Forest Hills School District, Grand Rapids Michigan
  • Parent Association, Manila, Philippines
  • CHADD International 2000, Conference Speaker
  • ADDA 2000, 2001, and 2002 National Conference Speaker
  • Beyond Giftness keynote speaker, 1997, 2000 and 2001
  • Colorado State Department of Education

Freed has been interviewed by several local and national broadcast and print reporters seeking an expert on the topic of ADD, gifted, visual-learning techniques and effective education, including:

  • “Life & Times,” KCET-TV (PBS) Los Angeles “Bay TV,” TCI Cable, San Francisco
  • “Peachtree Morning,” WGNX (CBS) Atlanta The Family Channel
  • KOA-AM, Denver KHOW-AM, Denver
  • WHO-AM, Des Moines Atlanta Constitution
  • WBZ-AM, Boston Body & Soul T.V. pending
  • Studio 53 Manila T.V. 12/2000 Boston Globe
  • The Denver Post 50 Other local Radio Stations
  • Numerous Newspaper and magazine articles nationally and international