November Slumps, and why they occur

By |October 15th, 2013|

Ever since I have been working with school kids, which is over 25 years , I have noticed that many of my students crash and burn in school, during the time period from October 15th through about November 15th. This in an entirely predictable phenomenon, due to the fact that we are asking right brained children, to try and successfully complete liner sequential tasks; which they can do on a daily or even weekly basis, however, what happens is that, having to do linear work for more than a couple weeks in a row, they break down and crack at […]

Some tips for starting school

By |September 9th, 2013|

Starting school is a particularly stressful time for kids who have spent the last couple of months enjoying their freedom. For the right-brained child, school represents a particular harsh dose of reality, which can often bring about severe behavioral changes in your child. Many times, the only draw that school has, for the kinds of children I work with, is that they get to once again reunite with their friends. Beyond that, there is usually only suffering implied by the beginning of school. Right-brained children almost always have issues sleeping, and their fears can many times be more intense, than […]