“Jeff worked with my son Zach when he was 7 years old. He was not reading, and hated school. Within two or three sessions working with Jeffrey, Zach was a new boy. His reading improved dramatically, and he became a pleasure to parent. Freed dramatically changed Zach’s life for the better and inspired me to urge freed to co-author our successful book “Right Brained Children in a Left Brained World”. I believe Freed knows far more than any expert on how children learn, and what to do about it.”
Laurie Cantillo, Washington, DC
“Without Jeffrey Freed, my sons life would have been much different. His self-esteem was destroyed in school, and he was desperately unhappy. In one session, Jeff reveled to both Isaac, my son, and myself, Isaacs’s great visual strengths. Jeffrey Freed Completely changed our lives, and I heartily recommend any parent who is looking for answers to seek him out.”
Kaye Kamon, Evergreen, CO
“Jeffrey freed introduced me to my child. She has Asperger’s, and is brilliant, but was dying in school. Jeffrey completely changed both her attitude and school performance in one three-day visit to Texas. He is the greatest, a role model, and a genius with children”
Susan Wright, Dallas, TX
“When we engaged Jeffrey’s services, our son Michael was 7 years old and reading at the 5th percentile. He worked with Jeff weekly, for several months, and at the end of that period, his reading level was at the 98th percentile. Instead of being mired in special education classes, mike entered the gifted tract, and is now a highly successful businessman. If anyone is on the fence about hiring Jeffrey, we urgently implore them to give it a whirl.”
John and Judy Spolum, Durango, CO
“Jeffrey is a genius at working with dyslexic children, like our son, L.G. We have worked with Jeff via phone, for many years, on a weekly basis, and he has visited Grand Rapids two or three times. Our son was not even reading until he was 9, and could not add even the simplest numbers. He is now a junior at Hope College in Michigan and is getting close to a 4.0 GPA. All of this would have been impossible if it weren’t for Jeffrey’s help, and I give my most sincere endorsement.”
Anne Cloth, Grand Rapids, MI